Aadikeshava Movie 2023 Full Story, Review, Cast, Ending

Panja Vaisshnav Tej starrer Aadikeshava Movie is an action thriller movie in Telugu language. Directed and written by Srikanth N Reddy.

Aadikeshava is the first movie of Panja Vaisshnav Tej with Sreeleela released today and hitting the theatres. Though its release was due prior but delayed by some reasons. If you are willing to watch the Aadikeshava movie to know the full story, then it’s the right place. Here we have shared everything about this movie: full story, cast, review along with ending explained.

Aadikeshava Movie 2023

In the movie Panja Vaisshnav Tej performed the role of Balu who is a sales executive. It is written and directed by Srikanth N Reddy and was released on November 24, 2023.

DirectorSrikanth N Reddy
ProducerNaga Vamsi S
Sai Soujanya
Writter Srikanth N Reddy
MusicGV Prakash Kumar
GenreAction, Drama
Production Company Sithara Entertainments,
Fortune Four Cinemas
Run Time 2 hours 5 minutes
Release DateNovember 24, 2023

The story of the movie is quite simple and starts like any love and romantic story. Balu applies for the post of sales executive in the company of Sreeleela and she finds that she falls in love with him. The things were moving on smoothly, one day Sreeleela gets news that her father met with an accident and is in a fatal condition.

Watch – Aadikeshava Movie 2023 Full Story

Though the movie Aadikeshava is nicely written by Srikanth N Reddy but is quite a simple and common story as we can find many similar sorts of stories two or three decades back in 1990s and 2000s.

The first half of the movie started with a silent love and affection between Sreeleela and Punja Vaisshnav Tej. Slightly turns to a twist here Sri Leela gets the news of the accident of her father and Balu also got surprised and shocked after knowing that her long back passed mother was not his biological one and her sister is in danger by a regional gangster. 

In the second half of the movie Vaisshnav Tej performs some action scenes which will bring you to the memory of the 1990s. Though the action scenes don’t suit him at all , he made efforts to perform them well. 

Sreeleela tried to engage audiences by her appearance in songs. She was looking slightly slimmer, beautiful and attractive. The overall movie is okay type but did not match with the hype as created as the trailer release.

Aadikeshava Movie Trailer

Aadikeshava Movie cast

  • Panja Vaisshnav Tej
  • Sreeleela
  • Sriram Reddy Polasane
  • Aparna Das
  • Radhika Sarathkumar
  • Joju George
  • Keshav Deepak
  • Rajsekhar Aningi

Aadikeshava Movie Rating

Rating of Aadikeshava is 3/5 by Times Of India and 2.9/5 by IMDB.

Aadikeshava Movie Review

As explained, the movie does not connect with today’s generation; there is a gap of writer’s imagination and the present era. You will see lots of resemblance of the 1980 and 1990s or some of the 2000s movies. As we usually see in movies of these decades, the main character, the actor of the movie, comes to know that his own mother or father are not actually his biological parents.

From there, the tragic emotion comes into the story, the same feeling you will get in Aadikeshava too. You can enjoy the movie if you want to just pass out your time. Otherwise it is a complete mashup.

Aadikeshava Movie Songs

  • Hey Bujji Bangaram
  • Leelammo

Common FAQs About This Movie

What is the release date of Aadikeshava?

The release date of Aadikeshava is November 24, 2023.

Who is the director of Aadikeshava?

The movie was directed by Srikanth N Reddy

How long is Aadikeshava?

2 hours 5 minutes 

Who is the writer of Aadikeshava?

Srikanth N Reddy has written the story of Aadikeshava.

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