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Anna Mani Biography: Anna Mani was an Indian physicist and meteorologist. She also known as “The Weather Women Of India”. She started her career at the Indian Institute of Science Bengaluru and retired at the Deputy Director General at the Indian Meteorological department

Anna Mani is the pride of India and recently she came into the highlight because Google made Doodle of her and given honour to the Indian physicist women Anna Mani. Here in this article we will be discussing in depth about Anna Mani biography, her inventions, achievements, her qualification, family background, net worth each and everything in detail. So if you want to know all of these read this article till the end. Come let’s get started one by one:

who is Anna Mani

The full and real name of Anna Mani is Anna Modayil Mani. Google celebrated her 104th birthday on 23rd August 2022 by making Google Doodle of her and gave honor to the weather women of India, Anna Mani. She is the famous and renowned physic and meteorologist. She contributed immensely in the field of solar energy and wind energy.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Anna Mani is known as The Weather Women Of India.
  • She born on 23rd August 1918 in Kerala.
  • She is an Indian Physicist and the Meteorologist.
  • She invented Ozonesonde to measure atmospheric ozone.
  • She worked on Wind Energy and Solar Radiations.
  • Google honored her by creating Google Doodle on 23rd August 2022.

Anna mani biography wiki

NameAnna Mani
Full Name Anna Modayil Mani
Date of Birth23 August 1918
Date Of Death16 August 2001
Nationality Indian
Place Of Birth Peermade, Travankor
Place of Death Thiruvanantpuram, Kerala
Career Physicist and Scientist
Field Physics, Meteorology, Solar Energy, Wind and Radiation
InventionOzonesonde, an instrument to measure atmospheric ozone
Known as The Weather Women Of India
details about Anna Mani, the physicist and scientist

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life story of Anna Mani

She born in 1918 in Kerala to a Syrian Christian family. Anna’s father was a civil engineer and agnostic. She was at the 7th number amongst the 8 children in her family. She love reading and books since her early age of schooling. She was very much influence towards Mahatma Gandhi and supported Satyagraha Viacom and used to wear Khadi clothes only.

Anna was a book reading lover since her childhood and she read every single book of the public library in Malayalam at the age of 8 years only. She declined her parent to accept the set of diamond earing on her eighth birthday and ask to give her instead an Encyclopedia Britannica.

educational qualification of Anna Mani

  • She graduated in 1939 from Pachaiyappas College in Chennai with Physics and Chemistry subjects and grab the degree of BSc honors.
  • She won a scholarship for doing research in Indian Institute of Science in year 1940.
  • She then went to Imperial college London in year 1945 to pursue further the graduation degree in Physics.
  • After reaching there her interest voked up in the field of energy and solar instruments and she completed her graduate degree from Imperial college London in specialization in meteorological instruments.
Anna Mani Biography
Anna Mani Biography

Anna mani inventions

  • She standardised drawing of more than 100 instruments to measure the report about weather.
  • She started measuring atmospheric Ozone Layer when no one in the world talks and even know about it.
  • She designed an instrument to measure the atmospheric Ozone named “Ozonesonde”.
  • She standardised drawing of more than 100 instruments to measure the report about weather.
  • She started measuring atmospheric Ozone Layer when no one in the world talks and even know about it.
  • She invented and played the foundation of countries wind energy dream and set it up at across 700 locations to measure wind speed.
  • She also invented and setup the measuring devices to measure solar radiations across the country to harness solar energy.

Anna Mani achievements

  • Anna was the first in the world who invented and measured about the atmospheric ozone layer.
  • She published 5 research papers about spectroscopy of Diamond and Ruby’s when she was researching in Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru under the Nobel Laureate Doctor CV Raman.
  • She is submitted her research to PhD dissertation but she was not granted PhD as she was not holding the masters degree in Physics as a subject.
  • Anna received INSA K R Ramanathan medal in year 1987.
  • She was associated with Indian National Science Academy, American Meteorological Society, International Solar Energy Society, World Meteorological Organization and international Association for Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics.

Anna mani books

  • Wind Energy Resource Survey In India (1992)
  • The Handbook For Solar Radiation Data For India (1980)
  • Solar Radiation Over India (1981)

You can read about Anna Mani at Wikipedia here.

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age of Anna Mani

On 23rd August 2022 Google celebrated 104th birthday of Anna Mani and gave her honor by creating Google Doodle. She was one week less than 83 years, as she died one week prior to her 83rd birthday.

Anna Mani cause of death

She was suffered from Stroke in 1994 and died on 16th August 2001 in Thiruvananthapuram just a week prior to her 83rd birthday.

Anna Mani net worth

The exact worth of Anna Mani is not known, although she said to have $ 100K as a physicist and meteorologist.

FAQs About Anna Mani

Q: What is Anna Mani famous for?

A: Anna Mani is famous for her invention Ozonesonde, an instrument through which atmospheric Ozone can be measured.

Q: Is Anna Mani still alive?

A: No.

Q: How old was Anna Mani when she died?

A: She was one week less than 83 years when she died.

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