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Are Keanu Reeves Alexandra Grant Split Or Still Together Latest Update On Their Relationship

Keanu Reeves started his career in 1980’s in this glamour industry and worked in more than 100 television movies and series till 80’s over. Till that time he became the heartbeat of Hollywood. During that time Reeves met with Alexandra Grant.

Here in till article we are going to disclose latest update about their relationship. Are Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant split or they still together? How’s their relationship now? To know everything in detail continue to read below. Before moving straight away to their relationship update, first we have to look at the background- how they met and ever they were in any relationship before?

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How Keanu Reeves and Alexandra grant met?

Speed actor Keanu Reeves met with Alexandra for the first time in the year 2009 in a dinner party. Then they work together in several projects. Alexandra launched her book “Ode With Happiness” in 2011. After that they again started working on a new project the book “Shadow” in the year 2015.

Keanu Reeves Alexandra Grant
Source: US Weekly

Have Keanu Reeves ever Proposed Alexandra Grant

The rumour of their relationship was storming like anything before they announced about their relation. At the Gala Night of LAMCA Art+ films they announced finally in November 2019 that they are in relationship and dating each other. They walked on red carpet by holding their hands in hands.

Alexandra didn’t won the heart of Keanu but of his mother Patricia’s too. In one of her interview Patricia said that she is very lucky that a full hearted girl like Alexandra is there in the life of his son. As she is so caring and responsible. She is holding hands of her son Reeves tightly in every situation which gives him extra strength to fight back again if get stucked at any point of time.

Patricia continues her lines by saying that Keanu seems to be more positive towards the life since Alexandra entered started walking along with him in the journey of life. He started loving himself more and taking care himself even more.

As per the sources, “Keanu isn’t hiding the fact that he’s going to propose to Alexandra. His friends know how happy he’s been, he’s talked about making Alexandra his wife and he was recently spotted ring shopping in West Hollywood,” the insider explains.

Keanu Reeves Alexandra Grant
Source: Insider

Are Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant split or still together

Though during starting days they didn’t opened up the curtain over this rumour whether it is true or false but as time had passed they come closer to each other. Yes, they are not split but still together with a mutual and healthy bonding of relationship.

It is expected that fans might hear a good news and a new turn in their relationship soon. In fact Reeves revealed with one of his friend that they are spending quality time together, shares bed, feels the breathing of each other, Talks, giggling while connected and it’s a great experience and loves to spend time with her.

Has ever Keanu Reeves been married

Yeah, the “Speed” actor got married once prior to Alexandra with Jennifer Syme In 1998. But unfortunately in 2001 and she died in a road accident and was buried next to their daughter to whom she gave birth in 1999. That was a couple of child but was stillborn. Since then Reeves was alone till 2018 before meeting up and get closer to Alexandra. (Source: Wikipedia)

He is now planning to knot a tie with his loved one Alexandra Grant. Though he was in a romantic relationship with a film maker Brenda Davis and it went long.

Reeves started working on the project of two books with Alexandra in 2015 and finally undergone in a relation publically in November 2019 during LACMA films Gala Night.

It’s all the latest update about Keanu Reeves and Alexandra relationship. Hope the confusion get cheated now whether they split or still together. For more latest updates visit at Wiki Gyan.

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