Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram

Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram Box Office Collection | Teja Sajja vs Mahesh Babu: Who Will Win The Race?

Two superstars started conflict on Sankranti 2024 and the box office will witness the battle of both Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram. Teja Sajja’s starrer Hanuman went head-to-head with Mahesh Babu’s traditional Telugu action-drama Guntur Kaaram.

Now everyone wants to know who will win the hearts of viewers and rule at the box office? Let’s delve into the box office numbers and see who ruled the roost!

Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram

Hanuman Box Office with Positive Word-of-Mouth

Despite not having the great fan following and the star power as Mahesh Babu, Teja Sajja’s Hanuman surprised everyone with its strong and steady opening. Teja Sajja’s portrayal of a common man turned superhero resonated with audiences, and positive word-of-mouth propelled the film forward. Hanuman raked in ₹8.05 crore on its opening day and steadily climbed to ₹12.50 crore on day 2. By the end of its first week, Hanuman had collected ₹40.15 crore, proving its consistency.

Guntur Kaaram Box Office and Performance 

Due to the great numbers of fan following, Guntur Kaaram boasted the star power of Mahesh Babu and broke the records at box office on day 1. The film opened to a decent ₹41.3 crore but faced a significant drop on day 2, collecting ₹13 crore only. Despite a super star cast, big budget and seasoned director Trivikram Srinivas’s pedigree, Guntur Kaaram failed to capture the audience’s hearts as consistently as Hanuman. By the end of its first week, Guntur Kaaram had collected a total ₹54.30 crore, falling behind Hanuman.

Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram: Who Will Win The Race

While Guntur Kaaram got the initial lead, Hanuman’s steady growth and positive word-of-mouth predicted it to a surprising victory and more profit. Hanuman is continuously getting good reactions for its realistic visuals and connecting themes.

Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram did not face the competition from Hanuman alone but with Dhanush starrer Captain Miller, Katrina Kaif starrer Merry Christmas and Rakul Preet Singh’s Ayalaan. By the end of their theatrical run Guntur Kaaram had a total collection of ₹150 crore and Hanuman had crossed Rs. 100 crore box office collection benchmark.

 After these numbers at box office Hanuman became profitable by 4 multiples as it had a total budget of Rs. 25 crore. Hanuman’s Hindi version also performed well, adding to its overall success.

On the other hand Guntur Kaaram has to collect Rs. 100 crore beyond to earn the profit as its total budget is Rs. 250 crore. The box office battle wasn’t just about numbers; it was a clash of genres. Hanuman’s superhero narrative tapped into the growing popularity of sci-fi and fantasy films in India and viewers resembled it with Prabhas starrer Adipurush, while Guntur Kaaram is a typical South Indian and traditional masala movie.

Final Verdict: Box Office Battle 

The Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram box office is a thrilling ride for cinephiles. It is proving the power of positive word-of-mouth gained by Hanuman and also showing the changes in preferences of Indian audiences. Thus proved that a well managed simple story can beat the star power too if it’s able to connect with viewers.

However, the box office is just one measure of a film’s success. But both Hanuman and Guntur Kaaram are great movies and give unique experiences to audiences.

We have explained in detail about Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram. Now it’s your turn to let us know your opinion: who do you think won this battle? Tell us in the comment below!

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