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Indiafm Review: Bollywood Hungama Transformation Journey | Full Site Coverage

Indiafm, previously known as, now known as Bollywood Hungama, was a popular Bollywood entertainment website that existed from 1998 to 2008. It played a significant role in shaping the online presence of Indian cinema and served as a main source of entertainment news, reviews, and information about movies and celebrities.

Indiafm Review And Box Office Collection 

During the early days of Indiafm it started with movie reviews and their box office performances. Gradually it started gaining popularity in the duration of 1998-2000. Here we have shared some highlights of Indiafm:

  • Indiafm had launched in 1998 as, it was one of the first websites dedicated to the film industry especially to Bollywood in India.
  • It was publishing celebrity’s news, movie reviews, interviews, and interactive features like online forums, chat rooms and box office collection updates.
  • It gained popularity for its comprehensive coverage of Bollywood events and releases.
  • In 2000 it was acquired by Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, it transformed Indiafm to mark a new era of growth and expansion.

IndiaFM Review After Bollywood Hungama Expansion (2000-2008):

  • After being acquired by Bollywood Hungama, broadened its reach and content offerings.
  • It started launching and streaming services for music and movies, soon it became a one-stop platform for movies and entertainment news.
  • It started producing exclusive content and interviews by partnering with media houses and studios.

IndiaFM Rebranding (2008-Present):

In 2008, Indiafm owner took a tough and major decision of its rebranding, and changed its name to Bollywood Hungama. It was necessary at that time because social media was on the rise along with other online platforms, as faced increased competition. After its rebranding Taran Adarsh took this old but new brand as Bollywood Hungama to the next heights. 

Taran Adarsh shifted his focus towards more mainstreams and commercial approach, catering to a wider audience. Thus the website continues to offer Bollywood news and content with more emphasis.

Who is the owner of Bollywood Hungama/IndiaFM?

Neeraj Roy is the owner of Bollywood Hungama/Indiafm, he is an Indian business man and owns and Bollywood Hungama.

What is the meaning of Bollywood Hungama?

Bollywood Hungama means the madness towards the Bollywood and movies.


Though holds a special place in the hearts of many Bollywood enthusiasts who fondly remember its early days. While its current form might not be the same, its legacy as a pioneer in online Bollywood entertainment remains significant yet more emphasized. 

The story of Indiafm‘s transformation to Bollywood Hungama offers valuable insights into the evolution of digital media and its impact on Bollywood.

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