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Mili movie 2022 to know the true story behind the story

Janhvi Kapoor performed the role of a, graduate from B.Sc nursing, 24 years young girl, who got stuck in a freezer and has to fight for her survival. Here we are going to reveal Janhvi Kapoor Mili 2022 is based on a true story or a remake of other.

Janhvi Kapoor Mili movie 2022

Jaanhvi Kapoor Mili 2022 is a survival thriller movie in Hindi language and is produced by Janhvi Kapoor’s father Boney Kapoor. MadhuKutti Xavier is the director. The movie released on 4 November 2022 theatrically.

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Janhvi’s makeup was flawless in the film. The makeup artist, who actually remains hidden behind the curtains in any movie but plays the major role in scene visualization, here too blood vessels on the face of Janhvi created so real and later it turns dark deep blue by the end. The pain and fear that she felt moreover the peeling skin all will make scream at once. Even Janhvi also did not just gave her performance in the film but she lived the character. You will not see any over acting. She did it all in that manner as if you would be in her place definitely will do the same, the fail tries and attempts to keep surviving as long as you can. Janhvi’s performance is really appreciable.

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Mili movie 2022 wiki

DirectorMathukutty Xavier
ProducerBoney Kapoor
Production companyZee Studios
Bayview Projects
Based onHelen
GenreThrill, Drama
BudgetRs. 38 crores
Release date 4th November 2022
Music A. R. Rehman
Releasing Plateform Theatrically
Janhvi Kapoor Mili movie 2022 Details
This movie could be the life changing turn in her acting career.


  • Janhvi Kapoor
  • Sunny Kaushal
  • Vikram Kochhar
  • Manoj Pahwa
  • Joginder Goyat
  • Raghav Binani
  • Mayank Tiwari
  • Rishad Mahmud

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Mili movie 2022 a remake of

As per the sources Boney Kapoor bought the right of Malayalam film Helen in 2020 which was originally directed by Mathukutti Xavier in Malayalam language. After buying the film’s right Boney Kapoor’s team contacted MathuKutty Xavier to direct this film too. But he refused to direct the remake of his own directed movie in another language.

After so much struggle they did not able to convince Xavier. Finally Boney Kapoor himself asked Mathukutty to direct another version in Hindi language too. As he wants to make this film for his own daughter Jaanhvi Kapoor, hearing this Mathukutti agreed.

Mili in a freezer

The setup and picturization is awesome. Both the original (Helen) and the remake (Mili) were directed by the same director, so there is no flaw in the remake version too. He directed as realistic the film by creating the drama as when she got missing at one side her father wants to find her daughter at any cost from anywhere and the cops were assuming that went away anywhere with her boyfriend at night after 12.

The film Helen was released in 2019 in Malayalam and the story of that movie is the same as of Mili 2022. Both the films directed by Mathukutti Xavier. In Helen 2019 movie there was a girl who got a stuck in a freezer and fights for her survival. The same story line has been repeated in Janhvi Kapoor Starrer movie Mili 2022. In which Janhvi Kapoor performed the role of a 24 years young girl Mili Nadiyal who is a graduate from nursing and got stuck herself in a freezer, she has to fight to live.

So you can say Mili 2022 story based on the story of healing 2019 or it’s a remake version of the same in Hindi language as the original version was released in Malayalam. Although Boney Kapoor bought the rights of the film but remake will remain the remake.


Mili movie 2022 true story based on mili Naudiyal, story, synopsis

Mili 2022 is the true story of survival of a 24 years young girl who stays with her father and they both love a lot each other. Mili cares her father and her father too. One day Mili got a job in Canada and tells her father and he got annoyed as he didn’t want to go her far to him.

Finally Mili shifts to Canada for her job and she met there with Sunny Kaushal and they both made friends. She was working there with a confectionery Store. One day she got lock in a freezer and everybody moved from there to their respective houses without knowing about this incident.

The temperature of that freezer slowly goes down. She was literally crying and hitting the walls to go out and to escape herself from there. At the end she wraps herself with foil paper so that the cold temperature could not harm her more and she can survive for a longer time.

On the other side everybody is finding her vigorously as she is missing since long time. Her father also got very worried and curious to know to find his daughter from anywhere. This is the story that moves all around how Mili (the role performed by Janhvi Kapoor) escape herself showing the struggle for her survival.

Q: Where to watch Mili movie?

A: Mili is available now on Prime Video to watch and you can enjoy it at home now if not seen yet.

Q: Is Mili available on Netflix?

A: No, it’s not available on Netflix rather on Prime Video.

Q: Is Mili a remake?

A: Yes, Mili is the official remake of Helen, a Malayalam Movie of same director.

In the conclusion we can say it’s watch worthy, you can enjoy the thrill and the drama in this movie.

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