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Kantara is Rishabh Shetty’s directed Kannada language movie. Here is full Kantara movie story explained which is different and realistic story of Kambla and Bhootha Kola’s traditional culture which lies at south.

Although this movie released 30th September 2022 in Kannada language only but it attracted immense popularity in other languages as well, especially in Hindi. Film makers announced that soon the film will be released in different language’s dubbing and the trailer of it in Hindi version is schedule to release on 9th October 2022.

Watch Kantara Movie

It is so quick as beyond the expectations. Original Kantara movie has released in Kannada with English subtitles. If you want to see it different languages then you’ll have to wait but to know the story, you don’t. Let’s see what the story of this movie is all about. Here is Kantara movie story in Hindi.

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Kantara movie wiki

Movie Name KANTARA
Director Rishabh Shetty
ProducerVijai Kiragandur
Language Kannada (as of now and soon will be release in different languages ad well)
GenreDrama, thrill, suspense, action
Release date 30th September 2022
Releasing Plateform Theatrically
Running time 150 minutes
BudgetINR 16 Crore
Kantara movie details

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Kantara movie plot

Kambla and Bhootha Kola’ s traditional culture which situated at south the Kannada village. They believed that they are protected by Demigod who protects them from any natural calamity or danger.

Suddenly a ripple moves on and villagers start fighting for their tradition, their culture and their beliefs. The movie is beautifully picturised and looks realistic as the shooting has done in forests of Karnataka.

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Kantara movie cast

  • Rishabh Shetty
  • Sapthami Gowda
  • Kishore
  • Achyut Kumar
  • Pramod Shetty
  • Prakash Thuminad
  • Rajeev Shetty

Kantara Movie Official Trailer

Kantara Official Trailer | Rishab Shetty | Vijay Kiragandur | Hombale Films | In Cinemas 30 Sep 2022

Kantara movie story explained

Story of Kantara movie starts with the belief of villagers in Demigod. The Kundapura village which is situated at the sea coastal area. A king that was ruling there years ago and he donates some piece of land to forest villagers to and to make Temple. In return the Totem God assure their protection.

Shiva, the grandfather in the movie, performed the role of a person who follows Bhuta Kola pratha and he wear the clothes like God do the makeups and starts dancing to make happy dear God and all of sudden at any time as per the believe the God enters within him. Demigod is a person whom they worship as God with the believe that Demigod is protecting them from any natural disasters, enemies, and keep them protective from bad and evil energies. They used to live with all these beliefs.

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Shiva is a Kambla player (the game in which buffaloes Run) who does not believe in all these. The role of Shiva performed by Rishabh Shetty who 100% justified his role.

Suddenly one day Demigod run away and got disappeared. Innocent villagers start finding him and they keep on doing result-less efforts and failed attempts. During all these a ripple tradition and culture starts blowing among them. They start fighting for their traditions and their rituals.

There are some more conflicts start raising between the nature and the human. Villagers also get against to their forest officer who recently posted their and prevents occupying the land of forest and hunting of forest animals. The story of this movie is inspired by 1990s. Keradi, Karnataka. This is the untapped and inherent story of this area which has been listened from generations.

This is the story of a mysterious forest and presenting the era of 1890s, 1970s and 1990s. Although it’s a true story but having no authentic clue and sequence available. So the film makers investigated it thoroughly with the citizens living there at Karnataka so that the real and resemble story can be made.

All the efforts are visibly seen in the movie whether it is the background seen, lightning, acting, execution, music, action, suspense, drama all are just awesome. But the film makers did one mistake, they did not launch it in different languages simultaneously. Well, it may be because it can not be predicted how the movie get reaction from it’s audience. At last just one to say, it’s watch worthy.

Kantara movie budget

Kantara movie budget is Rupees 16 Crores.

Kantara movie box office collection

Although the movie released in Kannada language only but it doubled at box office against the budget i.e. Rupees 59 Crores just in 5 days of release in single language.

Day 1Rs. 3.75 crore gross
Day 2Rs. 6.8 crore gross
Day 3Rs. 10.4 crore gross
Day 4Rs. 4.15 crore gross
Day 5Rs. 5 crore gross
Day 6Rs. 8.1 crore gross
Day 7Rs. 4.9 crore gross
Day8Rs. 4.9 crore gross
Till Date Rs. 51 Crores gross
Kantara movie box office collection

It has nearly crossed INR 350 Cr. box office collection by the day 50. For detail Read Here: Kantara Box Office Collection Till Date

Well, we have explained the movie story here and if you are excited to watch it in Hindi or in your own language then you’ll have to wait a little. As film makers are working really hard and the trailer of it Hindi dubbed version is scheduled to release on 9th October 2022 and movie will also get soon.

Disclaimer : All the box office collection report is taken from authentic sources in internet and our own sources. It may vary slightly and we do not claim the accuracy of figures.

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