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Kathputli (Cuttputli 2022) Movie Wiki: 4 movies by same name

Here is indepth detail about Kathputli movie wikipedia 2022 and all its variations and remake that released earlier by the same name or on the same story. You will get surprise definitely after knowing the secret facts about Kathputli movie which have not been disclosed yet.

secrete facts behind Kathputli movie

Kathputli movie story fact no. 1 (Kathputli movie 1957)

To tell you the history about Kathputli movie wikipedia 2022, we will have to take you on a tour to the starting or origin era of Bollywood industry. At the time of the origin of Bollywood industry pictures used to be motile with no sound and the screen used to be black and white. After sometime and some innovations sounds had also been added with motile movie but the screen remained black and white till the time.

In 1957 a film get released on black and white screen having the title name Kathputli in which Balraj Sahani was the actor and her actress role was performed by Vyajayanti Mala. Ajit Chakraborty and Amiya Chakraborty were the producer of this movie. The film was directed by Amiya Chakraborty. See at Wikipedia.

The story of Kathputli movie released in 1957 was different to the Kathputli movie 2022 Wikipedia. Although the titles are same. In that movie there was love orientation and the movie was around full of music, superhit dance and songs. That story moves around a poor girl who was a perfect dancer and singer.

Kathputli movie story fact no. 2 (The puppet 2013)

Puppet is the English translated meaning of Kathputli. Earlier in 2013 a film released on the translated name of Kathputli that movie’s name was “The Puppet”. The film originated in South Korea in Korean language which is which was a horror movie. Young-Rak Kwon was the director of that movie. Altho there was only 10 minutes of scene which was horror rest of the movie was a bit for adults. See at imdb.

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Kathputli Remake Of Which Movie
Kathputli Remake Of Which Movie

Kathputli movie story fact no. 3 (Ratsasan 2018)

In this Kathputli movie story fact number 3- the title names of both the movies are different one is “Ratsasan” and another one is “Kathputli” (Kathputli movie wikipedia 2022) but the similarity is the story. Ratsasan released in 2018 in Tollywood film industry. It was a Telugu movie in Telugu language.

Ratsasan movie’s director and writer was Ramkumar. Vishnu Vishal, Radha Ravi and Amala Paul were in the leading role. The story was around the mystery of a serial killer who targets teenage school girls and kill them. The main Hero Vishnu Vishal was a sub inspector who investigated about this mystery of kidnapping and murders and finally at the end he get solves this case by catching the victim. The film was full of suspense and thrill and was a blockbuster of 2018.

story fact no 4 Kathputli movie (Cuttputli) 2022

Akshay Kumar starring Kathputli movie 2022 is on the same story as in Ratsasan. Here also Akshay Kumar performed the role of a sub inspector who investigate about to solve the mystery behind the kidnapping of teenage school girls and finally their murders. Akshay was the son of an inspector who was solving criminal cases that’s why Akshay was very much expert about these sort of situations to how to handle. Since the starting Akshay starts following the pattern which the murderer draws.

Rakul Preet Singh performed the role of an English teacher and also Akshay’s love interest. She also helps him to get to solve the case and to catch the victim. But at the end she also fall in the same situation where the murderer takes away her niece after hitting Rakul. The last scene was full of horror when the school girl Ayesha was in the possession of the culprit. See at imdb.

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Akshay Kumar Kathputli movie 2022 controversy

The story of Kathputli movie 2022 is ditto as same as Ratsasan movie. Altho Akshay Kumar justified his role and if you will watch this movie you cannot move yourself and will freeze at a place. It’s such an interesting and full of suspense, thrilling movie. But due to the remake Akshay Kumar went again in the controversy and people are saying that is Akshay lacking of original and new story that’s why making remake. Or he just want to secure the hit tag that’s why he is picking up blockbusters movie only and making it’s remake.

Kathputli movie 2022 (Wikipedia)- massage and lesson

Well, whatever the reason behind the remake, but the story and the movie is really interesting and you should watch it. Also make sure if your having children in your family make sure they also watch this movie and explain them how can they keep protect themselves and can stay away from falling this kind of situation. And also if the Fall how to handle explain them briefly for their safety purpose.

Q: Which is Akshay Kumar 100th movie?

A: Joker is the Akshay Kumar’s 100th movie.

Q: Which actor has most blockbuster movies in India?

A: Akshay Kumar, by 121 movies as of 2022.

Q: Which is highest grossing movie in 2022?

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2. Jurassic World Dominion – $998,357,126
3. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – $955,775,804
4. Minions: The Rise of Gru – $904,788,705

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