Kathputli Remake Of Which Movie

Kathputli (Cuttputli) Remake of which Hollywood (English) Movie- Similarity and difference

Since the Kathputli (Cuttputli) movie released people keep on searching about Kathputli remake of which Hollywood (English) or Telugu movie. So here is going to be indepth explanation along with similarity and differences if any about which movie is the original of the remake version Kathputli.

details about release of Kathputli

First of all we would like to share that after the release of Raksha Bandhan Akshay Kumar’s Kathputli was on stream to be release and Akshay Kumar decided to release it on ott platform rather than on theatres. As per a resources Akshay Kumar took decision this because his so many other films which are in pipeline are ready to release soon. This was the reason why the film Kathputli release on ott platform Disney plus hotstar rather than on theatres. However Akshay Kumar itself having a big fan following.

Movie Name Cuttputli (Kathputli)
Director Ranjit Tewari
Writer Aseem Arrora
CastAkshay Kumar, Rakul Preet Singh, Chandrachood Singh
Released on 2nd September 2022
Available onDisney Plus Hotstar
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Kathputli movie storyline

Straight away Jumping on answering the question Kathputli remake of which Hollywood, English or Telugu movie? First of all we should understand and know what the story line is in the film. So that all can be easily narrate to judge either Kathputli is remake or original.

Kathputli movie story

At the beginning of the movie Kathputli Akshay Kumar was a writer who had scripted a story and was willing to make a film on his story. To make his dream come true Akshay keep on wandering to various producers to influence them to his story but no one get convinced to make a film following his story.

After seeing so much struggle, Akshay’s sister advised him to join police department on the compensatory ground of her father’s death and Akshay agreed. Then he attempted physical and written examination and got passed then selected and appointed as a sub inspector.

While he was on duty he came to know about a case in which teenage school girls are being killed in the town. Then Akshay tries to find the similarity and to draw the pattern behind all these cases. After deep analysis he came to a conclusion that there is a serial killer in the town who targets teenage school girls. Unfortunately his own niece also get targeted and was killed by that killer.

Then Akshay Kumar started his investigation to find out that serial killer and in between he met with Rakul Preet Singh who, was a school teacher in the movie, also help him to find that killer and at the end he catches the victim and movie ends. This was the Kathputli movie storyline and scenario.

Cuttputli /Kathputli Movie Official Trailer

You can watch Cuttputli official trailer on YouTube.

Kathputli remake of which Hollywood (english) or telugu movie

Now coming to the answer to this question after knowing the story of the movie. Telugu movie Ratsasan was also on the same story and pattern which was released earlier in 2018 in Telugu language. In the movie Ratsasan the actor was a Sub Inspector and was trying out to catch and was investigating about a serial killer who target teenage school girls and kill them. The same story you will see in Akshay Kumar’s Kathputli movie which released on 2nd September 2022.

Kathputli movie secretes and facts

Do you know that the name Kathputli as a movie was first time been taken and released in 1957 when movies had been created in black and white. The film was in Hindi language and Ajit Chakraborty was the producer. In 1957 Kathputli movie Balraj Sahni and Vaijayanti Mala was in the main leading role. Film was also containing hit songs sung by legendary late Lata Mangeshkar. Although the story was different.

Cuttputli Twitter Review

Kathputli movie ratsasan controversy

Having the same story, scenario and storyline you can say that Akshay Kumar’s Kathputli movie is a remake of Telugu movie Ratsasan (as it was released earlier). Although Kathputli is a good, entertaining and thriller movie with full of suspense and Akshay Kumar as a seasoned actor justified his role beautifully. But he is getting allegation of a tag remake.

Rather people are also saying that Akshay Kumar is lacking with new story that’s why he is just stealing the story of the other movies. On the other hand some of are saying that Akshay want to play safe game that’s why he is just taking the story of any blockbuster movie so that the hit can be secured.

Whatever the controversy behind the movie Kathputli, I will just recommend you to go and watch Kathputli movie and also make sure if your having child in your home let them also see as well. Just for the awareness and the security and teach your child how can you secure yourself and stay away from falling under this situation as the film is conveying good education about the security of a child.

Q: Is Kathputli A remake?

A: Akshay Kumar starring Kathputli movie is a remake of Telugu movie Ratsasan which was released earlier in 2018.

Q: Who is serial killer in cuttputli?

A: Antony Slivko was a serial killer in Kathputli who played the role of a magician and having a disease in which the child gets older in his early age of life. The same role was played by Amitabh Bachchan in the movie “PAA” in which he was also struggling with the same disease and get old as quickly as even he was a child.

Q: Is Kathputli movie real story?

A: Kathputli movie is based on the real story of character Antony Slivko who was a Psychopath killer in the movie.

Q: Kathputli remake of which south movie?

A: kathputli is the official remake of Ratsasan, the south movie.

Q: Kathputli remake of which movie telugu?

A: Kathputli is remake of Ratsasan telugu movie.

Q: Kathputli is remake / copy of which movie?

A: Kathputli is the official remake / copy of Ratsasan, the south movie in telugu.

Q: What is the Cuttputlli villain real name?

The real name if Cuttputli movie villain is Joshua Leclair who was named Christopher in the movie. Joshua is a UK based teacher, writter and a performer. He loves reading that’s why he usually appears with his laptop.

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