Mission Majnu- Real Story And The Secrete Behind the truth

Mission Majnu- Real Story: Shantanu Baghchi directed movie Mission Majnu is based on a secrete mission of a spy. The character of this spy has been performed by Siddhartha Malhotra.

Here we are revealing the top secrete story of a mission conducted by Indian and neighboring country’s army official and a brave hidden spy.

Story Details

The story of Mission Majnu is inspired by a true story. The event took place before the Indio-Pakistan War in 1971. Actually the Bangladesh Liberation war led to this war. This Indio-Pakistan War went on for 13 days. It started on 3rd December 1971 (during Indira Gandhi rule in India), and ended on 16th December 1971.

The war ended as the former East Pakistan formed into a new nation and separated as present Bangladesh. India returned its captured 15000 km2 land in the western region to Pakistan in 1972 for the sake of goodwill.


  • Siddhartha Malhotra
  • Rashmika Mandanna,
  • Parmeet Sethi,
  • Bhumika Chawla,
  • Zakir Husain,
  • Mir Sarwar,
  • Kumud Mishra,
  • Sharib Hashmi.

Release Date

20th January 2023 on OTT Plateform Netflix.


This is the first ever movie in the acting career of Siddhartha in which he is going to appear as a spy, he is also very much excited about his character. The movie is schedule to release on 20th January 2023 on Netflix. After knowing all the details now let’s discuss about the real story behind.

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It is trending on Twitter with statement, jo khud se pehle desh ke liye soche wahi hai #DeshKeLiyeMajnu

Mission Majnu Real Story

The real story of Mission Majnu is : The Story is related to a true secrete mission in which Amandeep Singh, a RAW secrete and undercover agent to the neighboring country Pakinstan, investigates about it’s involvement in creating nuclear weapons illegally. This happened in 1970s.

At that time great Indian Female Leader and Prime Minister was Late Indira Gandhi. Intelligence agencies of India got the secrete information about nuclear weapons forming mission is running in Pakistan illegally. Then the senior officials decided, after a secrete meeting with Indira Gandhi, to act to stop and reveal it.

But this could not be done by any violence rather they decided to send there an undercover RAW agent to this deadly mission to expose Pakistan from it’s heart. They selected Amandeep Singh for this and get him trained as per Muslim culture and rituals.

Amandeep then went there as a plumber where he met with a blind Muslim girl and got married with him. But did not distracted from his mission. He sacrificed his life for his nation and fulfilled his aim.

This brave undercover spy destroys his real identity so that he cannot be traced out. This secrete mission named Mission Majnu by the officials. Some are saying that it is a copy of Salman Khan starer movie Ek Tha Tiger.

Siddhartha last seen in the movie Shershah in which he performed the character of Captain Vikram Batra the Kargil Warrior. He had been praised for his character and justifying performance towards the character by movie lovers and critics. Another one is Thank God in which Rakul Preet Singh in the opposite character.


Q: What is the release date of movie Mission Majnu?

A: It is scheduled to release on 20th January 2023 on OTT Plateform Netflix.

Q: Is movie Mission Majnu a Real Story?

A: Yes, it is real story based on an Indian spy Amandeep Singh. The detailed true story is explained above in this article.

Q: Is it a remake of any other movie?

A: As per critics it is resembling with the story of Salman Khan starer movie Ek Tha Tiger and Saif Ali Khan’s Agent Vinod. Although it is not.

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