Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway Real Story

True Story of Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway Movie- Know the Real Case

Rani Mukherji starrer latest movie Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway is based on a real story held in 2011 with an Indian couple who lived in Norway on a working visa.

This movie is based on a true happening faced by a Bengali couple. Here is the complete case study explained about this story.

Mrs chatterjee vs norway case real story

Sagrika Chatterjee was a women who lived in Norway with her husband Anurup Bhattacharya. Anurup was a Geo Physicist and both stay there on a working visa. Sagrika was a mother of two. Her elder child was a boy who was suffering from autism. Sagrika came to know about it when her boy kid named Avigyan was two years old and Sagrika was pregnant.

Soon she delivers a girl child named Aishwarya. But after few months authorities of Norway (Norway Foster Care) took the custody of both of her kids and grab their kids forcefully in 2011. And they were told that they are not good parents, they sleep with their kids, they feed them by their hands which is prohibited 🚫 in their country.

It was also alleged that Sagrika beats her kids (whereas it happened once when she came to know about her boy kid’s mental disorder, she slapped him once in tensed).

Sagrika had made several appeals to the Govt. and authorities to get her kids back in her custody. But as per the Child Protection Act of Norway it was denied.

Finally I got justice, says mother of children in Norway custody row

How Sagarika Chatterjee got their kids back

After some time their visa got expired they came back 🔙 to India and met with Indian Government for the sake of justice. Indian foreign minister then look into this matter and started conversation with the Foreign Ministry Of Norway.

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After several conversations Noway then decided to release their kids but not to Sagarika but their uncle who stayed in West Bengal untill they grow up to 18 years.

Then again Sagarika filled an appeal in the High Court then finally she got her kids custody in 2013.

It is to be noted that Aishwarya was on breastfeeding when she detached with her mother.

Why boycott Germany is trending

The same happened with a couple in Germany in September 2021. Germany foster care took the the custody of a Gujrati couple’s one year old bady child Ariha. Now that couple is struggling with the authorities to get back Ariha.

Since the trailer of this movie released #BoycottGermany #SaveAriha got viral and trend on Twitter.

Who is sagarika chatterjee

Sagarika Chatterjee was a Bengali 28 years old a mother of two. She belongs to West Bengal and stayed in Norway with her husband Anurup Bhattacharya who was a Geo Physicist by profession. In the movie Mrs. Chatterjee vs Norway Rani Mukherjee performed the character of Sagarika Chatterjee.

Shubho Shubho – Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway | Rani Mukerji | Altamash Faridi, Amit Trivedi, Kausar M

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