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(sofit_ngr) SOfit- Sandra Okeke Fitness Review, wiki

Sandra Okeke, founder and owner of SOfit, is a Nigerian fitness influencer mostly active on her Instagram account profile. She offers a variety of workout plans customized alongwith diet charts and workouts.

Here we have shared all the information about (sofit_ngr) SOfit- Sandra Okeke Fitness Plan, workouts and meal plan. You’ll get all the information you need to know about her.

Sandra Okeke Fitness Program

Sandra is the founder of SOfit, Nigerian fitness brand for women, she has designed 5 different courses to provide a variety of customized programs for you to select the best suitable as per your goals and preferences. She believes in real transformation on a real person to either burn fat, gain weight, build muscles or body toning.

There are not the hardcore heavy workouts but simple ones with fun to keep motivated her clients each day to achieve something and move to the next goal. 

SOfit Fitness Training Program Cost

As I explained before, SOfit offers 5 different fitness courses ranging from $20 – $50. In these programs there are different workout steps and aspects as per the objective, which includes:

  • Personal training, 
  • Recorded videos, 
  • Home workout, 
  • Gym workout (if required), 
  • Diet plan, 
  • ebook, 
  • Full body fitness 
  • Weight lose/ Weight gain or Body toning
  • ABS building
  • Live classes
  • Waistline slimming 

Sandra launched SOfit in 2017 with an objective to make it a unique and convenient place for fitness in Nigeria. She doesn’t include hardcore cardio, pushups, diet cutting and endless gym exercises. She prefers to have fun even while working out steps to make women more confident and empowered.

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Sandra Okeke Instagram

She is most active on her Instagram profile and handles SOfit clients there and having 1.2+ millions followers. Find her below on Instagram:

Sandra Okeke wiki & Success Journey

When I was reading about her on her official website I came to know that she was a normal lower middle class Nigerian girl who wanted to do something in life but not sure what and how!

Sandra had written over there that she was not a good student during her academics but wanted to make her career in Fashion. She approached some schools in Canada but the good ones were in London which were like to plug stars from the sky, which was very expensive for her.

She almost accepted herself as a failure but a tiny spark of ambition and achievement was tingling somewhere. She moved herself towards fitness and one of her friends helped her to pay for the gym. Somehow she managed to buy second hand sporty clothes to wear while working out.

Gradually she realized her to be influencing more about fitness as a result of achieving big goals each day. She decided to make fitness her career which was a big challenge for a Nigerian girl. But she fought against all the obstacles and built her a big Fitness Brand in Nigeria for women. She has more than 4000+ clients connected with her.

Who is Sandra Okeke?

She is the founder of SOfit a Nigerian fitness influencer, model and trainer.

What is Sandra Okeke’s Net worth?

She belongs to a lower middle class family and struggled a lot in life to be succeed. She founded SOfit in 2017 and right now there are 4000+ active clients. Her workout program ranging from $20 – $50. Now you can assume her networth (not available in public) as she is running it for last 7 years.

What is Sandra Okeke’s height and weight?

Her body weight is 138lbs / 63kgs and height is 5’5″ /165 cm.


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