Is Vikram Vedha of Hrithik Roshan a remake

Is Vikram Vedha of Hrithik Roshan a remake 2022- Facts

Vikram vedha in an action thriller Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan starrer movie. Let’s know the facts behind “Is Vikram Vedha of Hrithik Roshan a remake?”

Vikram vedha 2 is gonna one of the biggest blockbuster movie as it’s having two seasoned actors. Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan. The Cheri on the cake is Hrithik Roshan’s role, he is going to appear in a different role and character which never seen before.

Pushkar Gayathri, the director of Vikram vedha 2, in which Hrithik Roshan will be seen in the role of analogist and is performing the character of a Gangster. This is the first movie ever Hrithik Roshan performed a negative role.

Is Vikram Vedha of Hrithik Roshan a remake 2022

Since the trailer released, Vikram vedha came in the controversy and people keep on asking and searching whether- is Vikram vedha a remake of a Tamil film? Well it’s straight forward answer is yes, there was a Tamil film released in 2017 on the same name “Vikram Vedha” starring R. Madhavan in Tamil version.

The film has created huge hype amongst movie lovers who are keen to watch this movie as soon at is released and this is the first time ever any Hindi film is going to release to such a broader audience like this. As Vikram Vedha is set to release over 100 countries at a time. This is such a huge number and it first time creating the history in Bollywood.

Vikram vedha 2022 remake wiki

Movie Name Vikram Vedha
Producer Chakravarti Ramchandra,
S. Sashikanth
Cast Saif Ali Khan Hrithik Roshan, Rohit Saraf Radhika Apte
Genre Action, Drama, Thrill
Release date30th September 2022
Streaming platform Theatrically worldwide over 100 countries
Run Time 2 hrs. 27 minutes
Vikram Vedha 2022 wiki
Vikram Vedha 2022 remake poster
Vikram Vedha 2022 remake poster

Vikram vedha remake cast 2022

  • Saif Ali Khan
  • Hrithik Roshan
  • Radhika Apte
  • Rohit Saraf
  • Yogita bihani
  • Sharib Hashmi

Vikram vedha 2 release date

Vikram vedha to remake is set to release on 30th September 2022 in 100 countries across the world theatrically.

Vikram vedha story

Vikram vedha moves around the story of a Gangster and a police man. In Vikram vedha 2022 the role of Gangster has performed by Hrithik Roshan where as the role of police man has been performed by Saif Ali Khan. Both are seasond actors and having their own huge fan following respectively.

The film is full of action, drama and thrill. In which the policeman Vikram (Saif Ali Khan) tries to catch the Gangster Vedha (Hrithik Roshan). And at the time Vedha surrenders himself on his own he changed the perception of Vikram among between good and bad

Vikram vedha Hrithik Roshan look

Hrithik Roshan’s look in Vikram vedha is totally different his eyes, hairstyle and even his expression. All are just amazing and absolutely as per the role. In the original 2017 Vikram Vedha R Madhavan performed the role that Hrithik Roshan is performing in 2022 Vikram Vedha and R Madhavan has just blown the tweets for praising Hrithik Roshan’ s beard look and performance.

As per the sources initially R Madhavan was being approached by filmmaker for this role but unfortunately he was busy with his some ongoing assignments and then the role was signed by Hrithik Roshan. Although Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan also been approached for this role but unfortunately they also didn’t make it to schedule and leftover this project Vikram Vehda 2 the remake 2022.

Vikram vedha remake budget 2022

As per the sources Vikram veda 2022 remake budget is around 175 crore INR.

Vikram vedha original

The original Vikram vedha was released in 2017 in Tamil film industry starring R. Madhavan in the lead role. Likewise Vikram vedha 2022 the original Vikram vedha was also based on the same story of a police man and a Gangster. Vikram a police man leads a Special Task Force to catch the Gangster Vedha. The whole story move around this hide and seek to catch and to hide.

Q: Is Vikram vedha a true story?

A: The story of Vikram Vedha has inspired by a true story of Vikram Betal in which Vikram was Vikramaditya and Betal laid on a back of Vikram was an evil and telling him some unvirdict story all the time.

Q: What is the budget of Vikram Vedha 2022?

A: INR 175 crores.

Q: What is the box office collection of Vikram Vedha 2022?

A: The box office collection of Vikram vedha 2022 is not predictable because it can be seen and calculated once the film get release. Rather it can be assumed by the box office collection of Vikram vedha 2017 and it crossed 60 crore INR box office collection over the budget of 11 crore INR.
On this behalf it can be assumed that Vikram vedha 2022 will be able to rack box office collection to a huge hike as it has created a huge buzz amongst movie lovers.

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