Keanu Reeves Movies In Order Of Release

Keanu Reeves Movies In Order Of Release And Upcoming Movies

Keanu Reeves is a Canadian actor born on September 2, 1964. He is now around 58 years old. His full name is Keanu Charles Reeves. He started his acting career with theaters and then worked for television film before big screen.

He struggled a lot in his life to make his career as per his dream to achieve the height. His First featured debut was Youngblood released in 1986. Since here his acting career took a turn to the big screen and didn’t look back.

Keanu proved himself a versatile actor by performing variety of characters and roles whether it is a Science-Fictional genre, horror, comedy, action or drama. Keanu fits in every role in the movies. Are you aware about all list of Keanu Reeves Movies in release or which are his upcoming movies?

Don’t worry we have done this homework for you and compiled a list in ascending order of release date. Just go through the full article to know it in details, thanks. Now let get started:

List Of Keanu Reeves Movies In Order Of Release

As Keanu started his career in movies since 1986, so first we will look at the list of movies released in 1980s. Although Reeves started his career in early of 1980 but it took time of few years to complete the path from television films to the big screen.

Keanu Reeves movies in 1980’s

He got his first tv movie in stereo teen role Letting Go in 1985 for a short role then got his first debut in 1986 Youngblood and the row of movies started from there on his name including River’s Edge, Parenthood, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and more. Have a look at the list of his movies by release date in 1980’s.

Keanu Reeves Movies In Order Of Release
Letting Go1985
Youngblood 1986
Act Of Vengeance 1986
Teenage Dream1986
The Brotherhood of Justice1986
River’s Edge1986
Under The Influence 1986
Babes Of Toyland1986
The Night Before1988
Permanent Record1988
The Prince Of Pennsylvania 1988
Dangerous Liaisons1988
Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure1989
Parenthood 1989

List Of Movies Released in 1990’s

1990’s was the busiest decade for Reeves as he became a seasoned and versatile actor till then and worked in more than 20 movies during this period. Two of his best movies “Point Break” and “Speed” released in this era in 1991 and 1994 respectively.

1991 was the significant transitional time in his professional life. In 1991 he worked in “Bill &Ted’s Bogus Journey” the sequel of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure for which he was very appreciated for his devoted performance as per the character’s demand. In one of the interview Micheal Wilmington of Los Angeles Times said that the sequel is even more exciting and heart touching performance of the actor.

Reeves was appreciated by New York Times as well for the “Point Break” which was an action thriller movie which released in 1991. He delivered numbers of great performance movies during this decade.

List of his movies released in 1990’s include:

Keanu Reeves Movies In Order Of Release
I Love You To Death1990
Aunt Julia And The Screenwriter 1990
PoInt Break1991
Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey1991
My Own Private Idaho1991
Bram Stoker’s Dracula1992
Much Ado About Nothing1993
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues1993
Little Buddha1993
Johnny Mnemonic1995
A Walk In The Clouds1995
Chain Reaction1996
Feeling Minnesota 1996
The Last Time I Committed Suicide1997
The Devil’s Advocate1997
The Matrix 1999
Me And Will1999

Reeves Movies Released In 2000’s

In years of 2000’s Reeves career was flying high in the sky. As number of great movies had fallen in his career till then and he achieved great success and appreciation for them. His acting was on full speed since the success of movie “Speed”. Ah jokes apart. But he was appeared in many great movies in the leading role such as “The Matrix”, “The Gift” and many others.

Reeves got great stardom by the franchise “The Matrix” and it was a great achievement. For this movie he worked very hard in learning Marchel Arts and even had to read several books about machines and the technology as he had to perform for the character of a hacker. He got huge appreciations from media, industry,fans and even by critics.

List of movies released in 2000’s include:

The Replacements2000
The Watcher2000
The Gift2000
Sweet November2001
The Animatrix2003
The Matrix Reloaded 2003
The Matrix Revolution2003
Something’s Gotta Give2003
Ellie Parker2005
A Scanner Darkly2006
The Lake House2006
Street Kings2008
The Day The Earth Stood Still2008
The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee2009

List Of Movies Released in 2010’s

Constantine was the challenging movie that released in 2005 in which he performed the character of a person who communicates with half divine and half with demon. The was hit at box office and Keanu’s performance was also get praised. The movie of this movie was based on a novel by the same name.

Keanu Reeves Movies In Order Of Release

His movie of John Wick franchise also got hit and collected $86 million worldwide. Other movies that released in 2010’s are following:

Henry’s Crime2010
Generation Um..2012
Man Of Tai Chi2013
47 Ronin2013
John Wick2014
Knock Knock2015
The Whole Truth2016
The Neon Demon2016
The Bad Batch2016
To The Bone2017
John Wick: Chapter-22018
A Very Bad Day2018
Destination Wedding 2018
The Replicas2019
John Wick: Chapter-3 -Parabellum2019
Always Be My Maybe2019
Toystory 42019
Between Two Ferns- The Movie2019

Movies Released In 2020’s

Now we have reached to the final part of this list. Reeves is perming in the high profile movies including “The Matrix”, “Bill & Ted” and others. After these last list of released movies we have shared the list of upcoming movies too. Just go through it too.

Keanu Reeves Movies In Order Of Release
The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run2020
Bill & Ted Face The Music2020
The Matrix Ressurections2021
DC Super Pets2022
John Wick: Chapter- 42023

Keanu Reeves Upcoming Movies 2023

Below we have listed the movies which are scheduled to release in 2023. Some of them are prepared where as some are in the pipeline to get ready soon.

Constantine 2In-Production
John Wick: Chapter-5Pre-Production
Cyberpunk 2077- Phantom Liberty In-Production

So we have listed here the entire list of Keanu Reeves movies decade wise and his upcoming movies as well. Hope you liked the information. For similar updates visit at Wiki Gyan

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