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Mili Naudiyal was a B.Sc. nursing graduate who was working in a meat shop. Here is her biography detail as age, Education, Family everything in detail.

The shop, where Mili was working, very big and they were using a walk-in freezer to store their stuffs to avoid to be stale.

Mili Movie has been made on her real story, MIli is also the remake of a Malayalam film Helen, of the same director. The lead role characters in the film Mili are Janhvi Kapoor (who trapped in the freezer), Sunny Kaushal ( MIli’s friend) and Manoj Pahwa ( Mili’s Father).

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Key Takeaways:

  • Mili was a B.Sc. nursing graduate.
  • Mili Naudiyal is a girl, aged 24 years.
  • She was staying with her father.
  • She was an Indian and been to Canada for her job.
  • Mili got stuck in side the freezer for about whole night,
  • MIli movie has been made on this accidental happening and is a remake of a Malayalam film HELEN of same director.

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Mili Naudiyal Biography

Mili was, a 24 years old B.Sc. Nursing graduate girl, working in the shop for 9 to 5 job. One day when her duty hours finished, she was exiting from the shop along with her colleagues. But for some work, as she thought she forgot something, she went back to check. Below is the in depth detail about Mili Naudiyal:

Mili Naudiyal Wiki

Nick NameMili
Age 24 years
Date of BirthNot known
Place of BirthIndia
Work PlaceCanada
QualificationNursing Graduate
Zodiac SignNot known
Mili Naudiyal wiki

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Mili Naudiyal Age and Education

Mili Naudiyal is a 24 years old young girl living with her father in India and wants to go to Canada for her job. But her father don’t want to let her go far from him. She has done B.Sc. is Nursing.

Mili Naudiyal Real Story Girl Photo


Mili Naudiyal Real Story

Mili is a young 24 years old girl. She works in a Meal shop 9:00 am -5:00 pm. She got stuck in a freezer there for almost 5 hr., An upcoming movie Mili has been picturised based on this real story and her survival struggle. Below is the details story how she got stuck in the freezer and her life savior.

how Mili got stuck inside the freezer?

All of sudden, when she was in the walk-in freezer, it shuts down. No one was there in the office at that time as everybody already had moved. She was continuously knocking the door rather she was hitting the door to get it open but her all attempts got failed as that freezer can be opened from outside only. The temperature of the freezer was continuously going town and it was very difficult for her to survive their she stayed there for 5 hours.

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how mili got rescue?

Suddenly someone opened the door of the freezer and took out Mili from there almost in deadly condition. She got hospitalize and when Mili got her conscience back, she asked for the person who escaped her. Then she came to know that the person was a gatekeeper who saved her life.

She went to the gatekeeper and asked him how did you get to know that I was inside the freezer. That gatekeeper replied her humbly that so many workers work at the workshop and very few persons who greet me and you were one of them who always say hello to me when walk-in and say goodbye when going out. Otherwise other people do not even notice me.

Whenever you greet me I feel my presence that I am someone. In the morning when you walk in the store you said me hello with a sweet smile and at the time of closing the shop one by one all workers moved out and I was waiting for a polite line “okay good bye and see you tomorrow” which you say everyday to me. I waited for you and suddenly I felt from inner core of my heart if something went wrong inside why didn’t you get out from the shop. Then I decided to visit the store once and as I opened up the freezer I saw you in deadly condition. I rushed to the hospital to get you be treated immediately to save your life.

This was the story of that girl who trapped in a walk-in freezer for 5 hours and survived by the grace of God and her own kindness with others. This was the story on which Jaanhvi Kapoor Starr movie Mili been created.

Q1: Who was Mili Naudiyal?

A: Mili Naudiyal was a 24 years old young girl.

Q2: Does Mili Survive?

A: Mili Covered herself with foil paper available in the freezer to cover up herself. She covered her entire body even the finger tip and survived there for more than 5 hrs. At last she got hospitalized after her rescue.

Q3: What is the age of Mili?

A: 24 years.

Q4: Where is Mili Right now?

A: She is living in Mumbai.

This was Mili Naudiyal’s biography all we get from our sources and research. Her is the in depth detail about Mili Naudiyal wiki. Hope you will like the info and if you have any additional info, do share with us, we will publish here if your information will be genuine and authentic.

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